What it Takes To Be a Peaceful Leader

by Ken Gosnell
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Peace is often elusive, and one aspect of life that leaders would exchange quickly their wealth to receive. When thinking regarding leadership, peace is not usually listed as a top leadership trait. However, peace is something every person desires to have more of in their life.

Peace can and should be the desired leadership trait for every leader. Peaceful leaders have a certain aura about themselves, and they draw teams of people to them because they stand out amid a confused and chaotic world. Author Robert Fulgham reminds us that, “Peace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”

Every Leader Should Desire To Be A Peaceful Leader. The power of peace is truly profound. In the business world where activity and outcomes are prized above all, the individual that can grow and develop inner peace and lead from a peaceful place can produce better results than the busy leader that knows no peace.

4 Traits that Peaceful Leaders Possess:

1. A Peaceful Leader has Confidence in the Midst of Change.

Change is inevitable. To resist change is a slow process of death to the organization. However, peaceful leaders understand what can change and what must not change in the organization. These leaders do not work out of fear or anxiety, but rather out of confidence that they know the values and the truths to hold on to in the midst of an ever-changing environment. Peaceful leaders are always confident leaders. They are confident in their products, processes, and their people to produce the right results.

Experience Question: Do you show confidence to your team in times of change?

2. A Peaceful Leader has Clarity in the Midst of Chaos.

Downturns in the business can happen quickly. Customer complaints and faulty processes can be elevated without notice. However, in the midst of chaos, a peaceful leader stands firm and content. They have the vision to understand the most critical and most essential aspects of what must be accomplished and completed during times of tumult. They can develop a game plan and a strategy focusing on the essentials, which will lead the team to success.

Experience Question: Does your team look to you to develop the plan in the midst of crises? 

3. A Peaceful Leader has Certainty in the midst of Confusion.

A Peaceful leader has an inner compass that gives clear direction when others are confused. They have the innate ability to make wise decisions and delegate effectively to bring clarity to even the most confusing situations. Often leaders develop this certainty through preplanning and preparing for the worst of conditions. The wise leader is a prepared leader.

Experience Question: Have you planned through the worst situations in your business so that you know how to handle them before they have happened?

4. A Peaceful Leader has Contentment in the midst of Criticism.

Here is an uncomfortable truth. Every leader faces criticism. It is tough to be out in front. Many leaders, unfortunately, withdraw from leading simply because they can not handle the amount of criticism that they face. Peaceful leaders are not concerned about criticism because they have decided in their heart that they are doing the right things in spite of what others might say. They possess an uncanny ability to be content in all circumstances and the face of all critics.

Experience Question: How well do you handle the criticism and complaints of others?

Peacefulness is not often mentioned as a top leadership trait. However, peacefulness is an essential trait for every effective leader. Every leader should strive to be a peaceful leader. They should strive to possess the attributes of confidence, clarity, certainty, and contentment.

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