Drac Von Stoller

by Fraidoon
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Author of "31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead"

Drac Von Stoller’s first short story was titled "Death in the Wilderness," which would be considered flash fiction but this would be Drac's test to see if he was destined to be an author. Sure enough, when people read "Death in the Wilderness" they loved it but couldn't understand why Drac didn't keep on with the story but Drac knew all along that if what they read was so good then Drac has succeeded. This gave Drac the confidence he needed to keep on writing more and more short stories. The rest is history Drac has now written 227 short stories with over 1.6 million downloads to date as well as new writings in the works that have been downloaded in over 150 Countries.

Drac Von Stoller has over 200 audio books on Amazon, iTunes and Audible and has nine short films on Amazon Video as well as his first Feature Length film “Horrifying Tales from The Dead.”

Drac Von Stoller’s ultimate goal is to have his own TV/Cable series, comic books, video games, amusement park attraction and merchandising of his character the prince of darkness.

If you want to explore other avenues to get more exposure use social media and look into audio books and if that’s not enough then short films.

Always remember you are nothing without your fans. Without them there are no sales and no longevity of a legacy you are striving to leave behind. If I would have let negative criticism get the best of me then I would have given up nine years ago when I first started this journey. Always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone discourage you from your dream of being a writer.

Below is an interview I had with Staff Critic Laura Miller with Salon News Media that I had no clue at the time how big this magazine was until after the interview and I looked up Salon News Media on the internet and said “Wow!” 20 Million monthly visitors!”

Salon News Media (Online Magazine that has 20 Million Monthly Visitors) - Staff Critic Laura Miller “Interviewed” Drac Von Stoller on Wednesday August 13, 2014 about his experience as an indie author.


Audiobooks - http://www.audible.com/dracvonstoller

Website - http://dracvonstoller.wix.com/drac

Smashwords Author Page - https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dracvonstoller

Amazon Author Page - amazon.com/author/dracvonstoller

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