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Jacqui Rayment

When I was in my early teens, my mother realised the benefits of a wholefood diet, which she put into practice for herself, and gradually, the rest of our family. I mainly remember her replacing white flour for wholemeal flour in her baking, eating more fruit and nuts, whilst cutting down on sweets. I also remember that she lost weight.
I have been interested in health foods for most of my adult life, probably because I absorbed the many conversations my mother had about health benefits, ranging from cider vinegar to ginseng! Although, I made only a ‘half hearted’ attempt at putting this information into practice until eight years ago.
In 2010, I began experiencing digestive issues, and during my research, it became apparent to me that I had not been experiencing optimum health for some time. I had felt sluggish and foggy headed for so long, that it had become normal and I was also about 1 ½ stone overweight.
I made the decision to change my diet, concentrating on pure foods, such as organic meat, fish, and vegetables. I ate only wholegrains, such as brown or wild rice and oats. I cut out all sugar, and cut down on fruit, to keep my blood sugar stable. I also cut out tea and coffee, swapping them for water, herbal teas and chicory drink as a replacement for coffee. The only sweetener I used was Stevia which is a natural alternative and not a chemical.
Within less than a week, I was experiencing mental clarity like I could not remember! My energy levels were much improved, and my digestive issues were settling down. All this inside one week, unbelievable!
I was excited.
Over the next few weeks, I was able to identify some food sensitivities, I also learned some relaxation techniques and used hypnosis recordings to help me relax and work my way through some stressful issues.
Within three months, I had lost over a stone in weight and was in a much better place mentally as well as physically.
I was interested in hypnotherapy, so I decided to enrol on a hypnotic language course, followed by various NLP courses that led me to becoming an NLP Master Practitioner.
I had always wanted to work with people, in a therapeutic role but had never been sure exactly what I wanted to do, and until now, life had pulled me in different directions. It was now becoming clear to me that I could use my own experience and all I had learned to help others.
I therefore, began preparations to open my own therapy practice, helping people with a variety of problems such as anxiety, smoking cessation and emotional issues.
As I began to see clients, I was finding that I was increasingly being asked to help people lose weight. Although initially weight loss therapy was not my intention, I began to realise how complex weight problems often are and this sparked my interest further.
I went on to qualify as a weight consultant and nutritional therapist. I now specialise in weight loss.
It had become apparent that the reason many diets fail to sustain weight loss long term, is because there are many elements that need addressing. We often only look at reducing calorie intake and don’t address the many other areas that need to be dealt with, for weight loss to be successful.
As a holistic therapist, I take a holistic approach in my practice, looking at many aspects of a client’s life, such as; nutrition, stress, emotions, exercise and sleep.

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