Work vs. Love: If you do what you love, is it work?

The English Language has many four-letter words. Some like love, grin, and kiss, invoke warm feelings in us. Others like diet, fail, and work, incite pain. When you shift your paradigm of thought to say a diet is a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t sound constricting. If you think of a fail as a lesson learned, […]

The Daily Magnet: Attracting Abundance in Life and Business

As I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I was going to raise money to publish a book, I had an epiphany. I just completed interviewing twelve successful entrepreneurs about their best practices for successful and confident entrepreneurship. How was I going to raise the money to pay to have the book prepared so […]

How to Increase Cognitive Function for Every Age

Today, we are going to learn how to increase cognitive function. In a nutshell, cognitive function is the term used to define the different tasks our brain performs every day. Examples of these tasks are thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. Have you ever thought about how we do these tasks? It all seems natural to us […]

The Hack to Sobriety? Find Recovery.

So, you want to stay sober? That is fantastic. But how far are you willing to go with your sobriety. Do you simply want to just stop the physical act of drinking or drugging? If so, kudos to you, that is a very commendable and healthy act that your body is going to thank you […]

Monday Memory Hacks

Memory is a tricky thing. We can remember things word-for-word from an argument, but perhaps can’t recall what we had for breakfast that same day. We all have memory in varying amounts and in differing levels, but the thing that we might not give much thought to is, we all need it to work for […]

Survival or Pleasure, Which Program Do We Operate In?

As humans we tend to think we are highly sophisticated people, however we actually still run on simple programming. Do we have great ideas and thoughts?  Absolutely. Have we accomplished great things in history?  Heck yeah, we even put men on the moon. We have all of these great accomplishments as humans but if we […]