Office Culture Beyond the Office

Over the last few months, we have seen a swift movement toward digital relationships within the office. Those who have the ability to work remotely are utilizing technology to create some assemblance of conventional work methods: weekly meetings are now being held over Zoom rather than in a conference room, travel has ceased, and any […]

The Top 5 Proven Ways To Improve Company Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Management guru Peter Drucker said that years ago and wow, was he spot on. Thousands of companies have wrestled with how to improve their company culture, in the hope of improving employee engagement, talent attraction, and talent retention. This blog will reveal the top 5 proven ways to improve company […]

The 6 Secrets To Delivering A Successful Sales Pitch

You arrive at a big prospective customer and are escorted to their largest conference room. So where and how do you begin your sales pitch? Follow the six tactical tips below and you will more than likely land the client as your newest customer.   1. Recognize that it is not about you. It is […]

Three Practical Ways to Manifest Goals

Decembers bring snow, holiday parties, and gift-giving. They also usher in a kind of stress unique to the end of the year. We begin reflecting on all the goals we set for ourselves over twelve months and which have been achieved. Any time we focus attention, work and investment toward a goal that brings little […]

Make Yourself Scam-Proof

“The origin of the diddle is referable to the infancy of the Human Race. Perhaps the first diddler was Adam.” – Edgar Allan Poe – Diddling: Considered as One of the Exact Sciences (1843). I have long been fascinated by scams, how they are constructed, rolled out, the psychology they deploy and the final outcome, […]


Have you ever been told to “sleep on it,” or if you walk away from a problem the solution will come to you? I have heard these as well and always wondered how they would help. I have read articles claiming that the subconscious mind is always working, even when you are sleeping. I have […]