Do Your Friends Make the Grade?

A mentor once shared his opinion that the best thing I could ever do for my mental and emotional health was spend time with people who really liked me. Confused, I wondered, who spends time with people who DON’T like them? Turns out, his emphasis was on the adjective…really. As in, an individual who appreciates […]

How To (Kindly) Deal with Jerks, And NOT Give Away Your Good Mood

We all know that if we want to be physically fit, we have to train our physical muscles through cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stretching, and so on. We also know this takes great discipline. We can’t just work out sporadically and expect great results. While much societal emphasis is placed on the importance of having […]

How to tell the stories you want to live by

At my Aunt Linda’s wedding about 25 years ago, my cousin Shari gave a toast that I will never forget. It went something like this: John, Linda’s new husband, was relentlessly positive and approving of Linda. To the point that Shari suspected he was a fake. After all, how could anyone be so universally satisfied […]

Eudemonia: Where is it, What is it, and How do we get there?

Eudemonia, based on the Aristotelian idea of happiness being the goal of life, is achieved by reaching one’s full potential, though not through the preferred way of chasing pleasure.  Thomas Jefferson, drawing on his knowledge of Aristotle, informed us the pursuit of happiness, or Eudemonia, was a God-given right. To obtain this objective of a […]

Mars vs. Venus: Four Reasons Men and Women Experience the Same Event Differently

There is clearly a disconnect between how men and women experience the same event, especially as it relates to physical contact and issues of consent. Just look at the testimonies of then Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh and the Professor of Psychology, Christine Blasey Ford. On the surface, both are equally credible individuals, but the […]

Getting your Relationship Back on Track When the Spark is Gone Won’t be Easy

The excitement in your relationship is gone, you know it’s going to take a hands-on approach to get it back. The feeling of being in love doesn’t last forever for many people. Many relationships are full of roadblocks plagued by past issues and insecurities.  Your relationship should be growing, not losing its spark after a bump or two in […]