Does Valentine’s Day leave you in the emotional cold? Try these tips!

February can be a tough month. Not only are weather conditions dreary, chilly, or unpredictable, but Valentine’s Day leaves many in the emotional cold. All the well-meaning reds, pinks, Cupids and hearts can inspire feelings of loss, sadness, and rejection. If you’re someone drowning in co-workers sharing news of flowers or posting endlessly about their […]

It’s Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month!

GROWING HEALTHIER MINDS IS EASIER For kids and adults, after learning more about managing emotions.  Educators around the world are realizing that a civilized education needs to include a psychological component, and many have added it to their curriculum with great success.  Psychologists now consider social/emotional learning essential for kids’ health and well-being, as well […]

Work vs. Love: If you do what you love, is it work?

The English Language has many four-letter words. Some like love, grin, and kiss, invoke warm feelings in us. Others like diet, fail, and work, incite pain. When you shift your paradigm of thought to say a diet is a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t sound constricting. If you think of a fail as a lesson learned, […]

What my Nightmare Taught me About Life

Life is pain, hardship, agony, frustration and many other words that we all could insert into the equation. All of the major world religions agree that life is suffering. Yes, it may seem very bleak. But I can assure you, it isn’t. Life is all of those things for me too. I was born at […]

How to Trick Your Brain into Getting over a Breakup Fast

An open letter to anyone who’s recently loved and lost: I’m happy for you. I’m happy that you’ve gotten to experience the joy of finding belonging and intimacy with another human being. Romantic relationships may not be the most important thing in the world, but man, are they fun. We thrive off of them, cling […]