The Tired Mind

Lack of sleep makes us stupid. Well, not really, but it makes us slow, disorientated, disconnected, and not nearly as sharp as we need to be in this world we live in. It makes us moody, easily irritated, and impairs our decision making. In short, we do best if we rest. We live in a […]

How Meditation Increases Productivity

The benefits of meditation are diverse and well documented, but an interesting one that is often overlooked is the effect meditation has on our productivity levels. Given how competitive the business world is, and the ever-increasing demands on our attention, it is easy to appreciate the value of a tool that can be used anytime, […]

Neurodevelopment in Humans and Specialization of Cells

As a constant student of anatomy and neuroanatomy, taught by Marion Diamond of UC Berkeley, it’s been one of my favorite subjects when I practiced in the medical field. Today, I’ll present a very small portion regarding the development of the neurological system. The neural tube: here is both the first part of the embryo’s […]


Have you ever been told to “sleep on it,” or if you walk away from a problem the solution will come to you? I have heard these as well and always wondered how they would help. I have read articles claiming that the subconscious mind is always working, even when you are sleeping. I have […]

The Golden Years of Food Reactivity

A lot changes as we age. There are some bumps along the road that we all anticipate as we age, such as graying hair, decreased energy, wrinkles on our face and arthritis in our joints, to name a few. But there’s not much discussion about the digestion changes that can occur as we reach our […]

How to Increase Cognitive Function for Every Age

Today, we are going to learn how to increase cognitive function. In a nutshell, cognitive function is the term used to define the different tasks our brain performs every day. Examples of these tasks are thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. Have you ever thought about how we do these tasks? It all seems natural to us […]