5 Things Coffee Does for your Brain and Body

Coffee is a beverage loved by millions of people worldwide and in America, 50% of Americans drink coffee daily, equaling 150 million individuals nationwide. Annual coffee sales in the US total up to 5 Billion dollars. Drinking coffee comes with health benefits as well, and in this article, we will be exploring the numerous health […]

Reaching Out to Depressed Teenagers

I’m concerned about teenagers in today’s world. In November of 2018, just over a year ago, The Washington Post reported on the skyrocketing rates of depression in American youth: A new report on the state of mental health in the United States says that in recent years, there have been “alarming” increases in major depression in youth. […]

Release the Haters

A wise man once told me “the best revenge is living well.”  This guy had it down – he was living what most people would call a fabulous life, full of exotic travel, fulfilling and exciting work, luxurious living quarters, fantastic restaurants and beautiful women.  At the time, I was surrounded by chaos and secret […]

Does Valentine’s Day leave you in the emotional cold? Try these tips!

February can be a tough month. Not only are weather conditions dreary, chilly, or unpredictable, but Valentine’s Day leaves many in the emotional cold. All the well-meaning reds, pinks, Cupids and hearts can inspire feelings of loss, sadness, and rejection. If you’re someone drowning in co-workers sharing news of flowers or posting endlessly about their […]

One Tune at a Time: Music Meets Productivity

As a music therapist and writer, I wouldn´t miss the great chance to share my personal experience with music (this time with songs) which helps me fulfill the tasks of my working routine. A lot has been said about music. And even though there are some general truths about it, the effects of music and […]