My Loneliness is Killing Me: Let’s Reconnect

When’s the last time you thought of someone, saw a friend in passing, or online and said, “We’ve got to get together!”  Then months, maybe even years go by, without hanging out or reconnecting. Or maybe you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50s wondering if you’ve wasted the best years of your life, because things […]

How We Raise Liars and What to Do About It

No parent wants to consciously and purposefully raise a child who lies, but the truth is our kids lie. They lie often and they lie well. Dr Victoria Talwar, a leading expert on children’s lying behavior, has proven that as parents we only do slightly better than chance (60%) at telling whether our children are […]

The Secret to Happiness- My Inner Thongsuk

I can still hear the click-click-click of her flip-flops as she swayed down the hallway. I can see her clear as day, in her white blouse and long wrap-around Thai skirt. Early every morning she would sweep, tirelessly and somehow gracefully, every inch of the house’s teak floor. She would do the laundry, some by […]


Bryan Schroeder became a very good friend of mine in a short period of time. I had been unemployed for about a year, hired a professional coach, and was about 12 months into the journey of rebuilding my life. I’d just gained two clients in my own coaching practice and was coaching on a very […]

Work vs. Love: If you do what you love, is it work?

The English Language has many four-letter words. Some like love, grin, and kiss, invoke warm feelings in us. Others like diet, fail, and work, incite pain. When you shift your paradigm of thought to say a diet is a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t sound constricting. If you think of a fail as a lesson learned, […]

4 Lessons Learned from Type Bs

If I´m penning this, naturally, there´s no need to clarify that I´m the walking stereotype of a Type A person: Prone to worrying, biting more than I can chew, and running (not exactly the marathon type of runner). The schedule chasing type to be more precise. Let´s face it. Burnout´s waiting for me around the […]