Anxiety: It’s Not Just About Stress

Stress is the way your body is attempting to cope and adapt to a situation. A work deadline, getting your kids to school on time or worrying about making ends meet. While having some stress can actually be a good thing as it can motivate you to get out of bed, go to the gym […]

Three Practical Ways to Manifest Goals

Decembers bring snow, holiday parties, and gift-giving. They also usher in a kind of stress unique to the end of the year. We begin reflecting on all the goals we set for ourselves over twelve months and which have been achieved. Any time we focus attention, work and investment toward a goal that brings little […]

Channel Mind News

Nine years ago, I decided that I would no longer watch the news. For obvious reasons, I didn’t want to have the fears, opinions, and beliefs that I did not share, imbedded in my mind.  I didn’t want to walk around with fears that I did not share based off of news segments.  Fast forward […]

It’s Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month!

GROWING HEALTHIER MINDS IS EASIER For kids and adults, after learning more about managing emotions.  Educators around the world are realizing that a civilized education needs to include a psychological component, and many have added it to their curriculum with great success.  Psychologists now consider social/emotional learning essential for kids’ health and well-being, as well […]

How Meditation Increases Productivity

The benefits of meditation are diverse and well documented, but an interesting one that is often overlooked is the effect meditation has on our productivity levels. Given how competitive the business world is, and the ever-increasing demands on our attention, it is easy to appreciate the value of a tool that can be used anytime, […]