Mastering the Superpowers of Acceptance and Tolerance

It should come as no surprise that we are in one of the most polarizing times in our nation’s history. The political, racial, and economic divides have widened and sunk deeper. Some view the recent disruptions as seeds for progress, and others view them as pandemonium. These heavy issues are complicated but if we are […]

Reaching Out to Depressed Teenagers

I’m concerned about teenagers in today’s world. In November of 2018, just over a year ago, The Washington Post reported on the skyrocketing rates of depression in American youth: A new report on the state of mental health in the United States says that in recent years, there have been “alarming” increases in major depression in youth. […]

Release the Haters

A wise man once told me “the best revenge is living well.”  This guy had it down – he was living what most people would call a fabulous life, full of exotic travel, fulfilling and exciting work, luxurious living quarters, fantastic restaurants and beautiful women.  At the time, I was surrounded by chaos and secret […]

Does Valentine’s Day leave you in the emotional cold? Try these tips!

February can be a tough month. Not only are weather conditions dreary, chilly, or unpredictable, but Valentine’s Day leaves many in the emotional cold. All the well-meaning reds, pinks, Cupids and hearts can inspire feelings of loss, sadness, and rejection. If you’re someone drowning in co-workers sharing news of flowers or posting endlessly about their […]

One Tune at a Time: Music Meets Productivity

As a music therapist and writer, I wouldn´t miss the great chance to share my personal experience with music (this time with songs) which helps me fulfill the tasks of my working routine. A lot has been said about music. And even though there are some general truths about it, the effects of music and […]

Kicking the Holiday Blues

This time of year can play tricks on us all. We feel desperate to make it all we think it should be. Maxing out credit cards so people won’t think we can’t afford to buy our significant others everything the commercials on television tell us they want. If we’re estranged from people or have lost […]