How We Raise Liars and What to Do About It

No parent wants to consciously and purposefully raise a child who lies, but the truth is our kids lie. They lie often and they lie well. Dr Victoria Talwar, a leading expert on children’s lying behavior, has proven that as parents we only do slightly better than chance (60%) at telling whether our children are […]

Neurodevelopment in Humans and Specialization of Cells

As a constant student of anatomy and neuroanatomy, taught by Marion Diamond of UC Berkeley, it’s been one of my favorite subjects when I practiced in the medical field. Today, I’ll present a very small portion regarding the development of the neurological system. The neural tube: here is both the first part of the embryo’s […]

Monday Memory Hacks

Memory is a tricky thing. We can remember things word-for-word from an argument, but perhaps can’t recall what we had for breakfast that same day. We all have memory in varying amounts and in differing levels, but the thing that we might not give much thought to is, we all need it to work for […]

Use It, or Lose It!

Do you remember your mama telling you to eat your vegetables so you’ll grow up big and strong? We all know the benefits of a healthy body, but do you think about growing a healthy mind? The brain is the core of your computer system if you will allow me that. You have the capability […]

Overindulge with these 10 brain hacks to promote mental and physical wellness!

It’s National Splurge Day! Splurge, (defined by to indulge oneself extravagantly. Most people think of expensive meals and material things when indulgence is brought up, but we are here to share with you some amazing hacks from top industry professionals to promote physical and mental well being!   1. Brain Hack: Talk Therapy This […]

Brain Positive: Writing that Persuades

There is no magic formula guaranteeing sales success, rather many details matter. Here, we take a look at one thread that must run throughout any sales pitch. This is a good article; read it. If only persuasion was that easy; but selling is not just telling. Many things must be got right or, however pleasantly […]