Use It, or Lose It!

Do you remember your mama telling you to eat your vegetables so you’ll grow up big and strong? We all know the benefits of a healthy body, but do you think about growing a healthy mind? The brain is the core of your computer system if you will allow me that. You have the capability […]

Indulgences or Brain Food?

May is a busy month with school winding down and winter finally settling. May also happens to host National Wine Day on May 25th, as well as National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th. These indulgences may seem unhealthy, but they surprisingly provide healthy additions to our diet and brain health. Acknowledging these benefits can […]

Small Tips & Hacks for Eating, Not Overindulging, at Any Party

Socially, a party or event can be so much fun. You dress up, make small talk, and enjoy the surrounding people all while the appetizer trays keep mysteriously crossing your path. It never fails, no matter how much effort you put into the gym or into selecting the right foods for the week, a party […]

Get Your Brain in Balance: 9 At-Home Tricks for Immediate Results

Chronic stress takes a high toll on mental health. It affects your brain structure and function in an up-close-and-personal way. It accelerates brain aging, depletes beneficial neurotransmitters, blows up the size of your “fear center”, and halts the production of new brain cells while killing good ones already there. The positive news is that there […]

Buzzwords: Are these Products Actually Healthy?

A lot of the food we eat may seem healthy, but are they really? Buzzwords are used a lot by companies to advertise their products and have them seem healthier than they really are. Eating healthy while on the go is a very common trend, people are easily fooled by packaging and advertising. ‘Superfood’ and […]

Blame it on the Turkey?

When you think about Thanksgiving, your first thought is probably like most, images of food and families gathering together, and don’t forget about the large turkey as your dinner table centerpiece. I am sure for years you have also associated Thanksgiving with the thought of eating until you fall asleep. We have all experienced that […]