Decembers bring snow, holiday parties, and gift-giving. They also usher in a kind of stress unique to the end of the year. We begin reflecting on all the goals we set for ourselves over twelve months and which have been achieved. Any time we focus attention, work and investment toward a goal that brings little return, stress levels, anger, and bitterness multiplies. We lose track of the fact that there’s only so much we can accomplish within each day and week. Sometimes life gets in the way—appointments, grocery shopping, family obligations. All of these can prolong a project from completion. When you add the busyness of the holiday season to this list of personal dissatisfaction, we can feel like trains running off the tracks complete with headaches, moodiness, and overall lack of self-care. Rather than focusing on unhappiness and what went awry, December is the perfect time to reflect on the passing year and focus on what’s coming. Before gearing up for holiday parties and resolutions, consider which accomplishments and positive moments make this year worth celebrating and what you’d like to increase in the coming year. To decide where you want to go next, it’s imperative to reflect on what brought you happiness. We all have different priorities in life: work, family, travel, etc, and in order to create more of your preferred reality, it’s important to “raise the vibration,” a term that signifies the energy manifestation of goals. But how exactly is this achieved?




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