The Power of Positive Affirmations

by Katie Ziskind
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If you’re stuck on negative thought patterns, this can be very challenging. Your brain only focuses on a negative thought, anxiety, worry, and this pattern can lead to self-sabotage and behaviors such as drinking or drugs.

Instead, try this fun tip to reboot your brain!

Create a positive affirmation using the “I am” – for instance, repeat to yourself, “I am calm and at peace in this moment even though there might be a little stress. I am in control of my breathing and let go of everything else. I am worthy of love and confidence.” Repeat your statements three times to yourself which will immediately create a positive change in your brain. New neurological pathways will form and if you do this every day for a few months, you’ll actually become a happier person. You’ll look more inside rather than trying to find happiness outside.

By repeating positive affirmations, you not only engage your mind but also your body. These positive affirmations can help with depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks. If you’ve been through a really tough life experience, focusing on positive affirmations rather than losing weight will help you accept yourself and remember that you are perfect just as you are. Remembering that you are perfect and exactly where you’re meant to be, allows you to create positive change. Additionally, using positive affirmations can into your chakras which are energetic centers in your body. Instead of focusing on the physical such as the new diet, Take your focus, commitment, dedication, and passion inside to yourself.

By focusing on your chakras, positive affirmations, and connecting spiritually to other living beings through meditation, you will naturally feel empowered, and create the life you love living.

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