The Daily Magnet: Attracting Abundance in Life and Business

by Sheila Kennedy
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As I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I was going to raise money to publish a book, I had an epiphany. I just completed interviewing twelve successful entrepreneurs about their best practices for successful and confident entrepreneurship. How was I going to raise the money to pay to have the book prepared so I could share their stories and confirm my initial premise that confident entrepreneurship matters?

I looked at the data I had just collected. I was going to put together the practices that overlapped or that stood out as something that would yield the best results. I would practice each one daily for 60 days to see if I could raise the money. Most of the practices that I included were about what you can attract, so that you can achieve and attract MORE. If I made the money and attracted more abundance, than I would have completed a real time experiment that proved confident entrepreneurship mattered. I would have the book as proof of the truths written inside.

Sure enough, in 60 days, I tripled my income. I attracted my ideal clients and I was offered several opportunities to speak. My premise was proved, and I raised the money to publish Choices to Changes, which held the compelling practices to successful and abundant living.

What were the practices? I have them listed below with an explanation as to how each one works. You can keep a journal and hand write them each day or create a template to fill in each day on the computer. It is important that you record The Daily Magnet in some way so that you can track and assess activities to modify behavior and mindset. This is truly the real deal and has made incredible impact for anyone that tries it and practices it consistently.

1. Income Flow: Track the money that comes in each day. The total starts with whatever balance is in your account. This is so you see that you always have something. If you have days that you don’t bring in any income for whatever reason, that can get disheartening. When you pay attention to money; it pays attention back to you.

2. Three examples of gratitude: Gratitude is a huge component when attracting abundance. Start the day recalling three things that you are grateful for that were different from the day before. You have been given so much. You will not run out of new things to be grateful for. Plus, it gets you thinking creatively right off the bat each day.

3. Daily Intention/Affirmation: Setting the intention is a huge component for any day. Bert Martinez took the worst producing sales team and converted them into a record-breaking sale team just by using affirmations. Send out what you want to come back to you. Be intentional.

4. Info-sponging: Jeff Hoffman shared that “Info-sponging is observing what is happening outside your industry and in the world, literally taking notes and then connecting the dots of random ideas to create new solutions. This is about noticing the changes that are happening in the world, getting excited about them, and making them fit in new ways. Hunting for changes rather than fearing them.” Take twenty minutes each day and surf the net, read a newspaper, or troll social media to find innovative ideas, across industries, that intrigue you. Every few weeks examine the ideas that you saved and see if you can apply them to your business.

5. Three revenue generating activities: Sarah Newton shared this, and it absolutely makes a difference. Do not end your day until you have completed three revenue generating activities such as sending invoices, forwarding contracts to be signed, setting up selling conversations, etc. I don’t limit it to only business activities. I sell items I no longer need or use for example. It is only three activities and you will find that the flow of revenue will most certainly increase.

6. Record of daily activities: This is important for you to begin tracking how you are spending your time. Keefe Duterte says, “Action expresses priority.” It is consistent daily action that will truly set you on the course for success.

7. People or groups that you reached out to: This is so important because you want to continually be inviting people into relationship with you. If you are not expanding your circle, you will not have a circle to serve or sell to. This must be a continual, strategic effort.

8. One Joyful Thing: End each day recalling one event, situation or circumstance that brought you joy. Give thanks for whatever it was. Gratitude amplifies abundance.

9. One Act of Courage: This is important, so you can observe that you can act courageously and survive. You often don’t take risks, because you aren’t sure you can survive the consequences. This is a wonderful way to inspire trust in your abilities and intuition.

A few other suggestions to make the Daily Magnet work best for you:

-Keep this log every day. This is not limited to only “work” days. You want to be a magnet for abundance every day, not just Monday through Friday.

-Write it all down. It is important to keep a record of what you do while using the Daily Magnet. Once a week, look at the week’s records and see if you can connect the dots on any info-sponging ideas or see any patterns of where you are spending your time in your activities. It is good to review occasionally so you can identify any places that need course correction.

-You may notice that self-care is not included in the Daily Magnet. That is because using the Daily Magnet is an act of self-care. You are engaging in a supreme act of love for yourself by attracting more abundance into your life.

Cheers to The Daily Magnet and an abundant way of life!

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