The Legal Logic that Wins in Business

by David Reischer
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The ability to think like a lawyer simply means developing critical reasoning skills, exercising logic and sound judgment while maintaining control over emotion. Lawyers are ordinary people that have been trained in the art of problem-solving techniques and effective communication.

My tips for thinking like a lawyer are as follows:

1. Learn now to deliberate on the motivations of your opponent. Try to figure out the agenda of other people and try to scenario play the next move. A good lawyer will be able to predict the arguments made by an opponent and have ready a counter strategy to rebut any countervailing arguments.

2. Learn how to calculate risk by focusing on the most critical and relevant facts. Do not get bogged down in the weeds of all the minor irrelevant details. A good lawyer will know how to center on the most important details and how to understand them as the most significant and critical details which go to the heart and nucleus of an issue.

3. Learn how to be objective to make the best decision possible by mastering control over emotions that cloud the ability to reason. A good lawyer remains calm and collected even under the most stressful circumstances in order to best make well reasoned decisions.

4. Learn how to develop analytical abilities by visualizing and conceptualizing a problem and then work to hone the necessary skills to solve such a problem by making educated decisions. A good lawyer understands the inner mechanics of how things work so he is able to reach conclusions based on the totality of information.

5. Learn how to look at issues from all sides. A good lawyers can view the strengths and weaknesses of an issue while at the same time seeing the strengths and weaknesses of the counter position.

6. Learn how to make distinctions even when seemingly small and irrelevant. A good lawyer can understand how different facts, no matter how seemingly small and irrelevant will likely lead to a different conclusion.

7. Learn how to persuasively argue a given point. A good lawyer is a zealous advocate for a particular position and will marshal all relevant facts and apply principles of logic to make the strongest case.

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