The Brains Behind the Book- Michelle L Steffes

by Dave Farrow
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FOUNDER, IPV CONSULTING & AUTHOR OF “Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine” :

IPV Consulting was founded in 2012 by Michelle L Steffes, CPS, CPLC. She gained her expertise from a background of over 2 decades of leadership and building business. Her educational experience includes Leadership and Business management along with 5 years of studies in neuroscience and human physiology. In its early stages, IPV specialized in providing Speaking, Performance Coaching and Life Coaching. She now presides as the Owner and President. She is Certified both as a professional speaker and coach. 
Michelle L Steffes has been empowering people and teams for over 20 years as a leader and business builder. She is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter at conferences and corporate events. Her straight-from-the-heart style involving stories and analogies along with insights into cognitive restructuring & human physiology produces environments where people and teams can thrive.
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