The Brains Behind the Book- Jodi Aman

by Dave Farrow
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AUTHOR of You 1 Anxiety 0: Win Your Life Back From Fear and Panic:

Jodi Aman is an anxiety-tamer, forgiveness-counselor, relationship-coach, guilt-releaser, unconditional-lover, hope-renewer and your biggest fan. Jodi is a YouTuber and psychotherapist, Jodi knows people. She’s worked with 35 people a week for 20 years in Rochester NY. She got her Master’s in Science in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996 and has studied and taught Narrative Therapy around the world focusing on trauma and anxiety recovery. Jodi films and edits her own YouTube channel and has five online courses with a focus on getting rid of anxiety and empowering people to have more joy in their lives. She plays herself in The Secrets of the Keys self-help movie.

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