Study Hack: Raise Intensity & Burst Focus

  Many students study with a TV or radio on in the background claiming it helps them focus. In a way this is true because the brain is not receiving enough stimulation from studying alone. Listening to music (especially classical) can occupy the left side of the brain while the right side of the brain does the analytical […]

Could Controlled Panic Help you Study Better?

The answer is yes, controlled panic does help you study better.  We call it Focus Bursts™ and it only works when you both raise the Intensity AND study in Short Bursts. It’s the combination of the two that’s going to get you the memory and retention results studying work for you. It’s like in the […]

Get some sleep! If you’re tired, so are your grades

Not getting enough sleep could be the number one thing that’s hurting your GPA. Simply put, if you study while you’re tired your retention rate will be down. I teach students and professionals my Guinness Record winning memory techniques all over the country and sleep deprivation is one thing I just can’t overcome. If the […]

Study Better Today!

Essential study skills for succeeding in your degree program Regardless of what degree you’ve chosen, you will need to learn essential study skills to succeed in your program. Success isn’t only measured by a passing grade but by being able to apply the knowledge in a real world setting. Adopting the right study skills will […]