Brains Behind It- Sisun Lee- Morning Recovery & 82 Labs

ABOUT SISUN LEE: CEO & FOUNDER, MORNING RECOVERY & 82 LABS Sisun Lee is a former Tesla manager on a mission to save you from your hangover. After a long night of drinking in Korea, he had the idea for Morning Recovery, a wellness drink engineered to help you do more the next day without […]

Brains Behind It- Tobias Peggs- Square Roots

ABOUT TOBIAS PEGGS: CO-FOUNDER & CEO, SQUARE ROOTS URBAN GROWERS New business builder – primarily in venture-backed tech startup environments (twice as CEO w/exits). Led companies across various domains including mobile, search, social, e-commerce, ad-tech and speech rec. PhD in AI. Techstars mentor (NYC) and Startup Advisor. Brit abroad. PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Triathlete, snowboarder, […]

Brains Behind It- Clemens Grave- Finnest

ABOUT CLEMENS GRAVE: CEO & CO-FOUNDER, FINNEST. After graduating from Brown with a MS degree from the school of Engineering, Grave decided to found Finnest. He realized that there was a drastic need for people to better understand the value of money at a young age so they can earlier realize the implications of investing […]