Read with your eyes not your lips

When you’re in college, before the stress of having to pass mid-term and final exams, there’s the stress of having to read volumes of information seemingly equivalent to “War and Peace” and “Atlas Shrugged” combined – and that’s just for one class. And of course, if you want to pass the class, understanding what you’ve […]

Avoid Tunnel Vision for a Faster Read

Want to know why most people are reading at a much slower pace than they should be? They get tunnel vision! When reading, our eyes get a workout, moving fast and taking in all the information at the same time. As our eyes move faster, they become stressed and the muscles fight against each other, leading to […]

Brain Hack: Speed Reading

Speed Reading on a Computer or with Footnotes A customer named Gregory asked the following questions: How do you speed read on a computer screen? How do you speed read with footnotes? How do you speed read with footnotes on a computer screen? It is not impossible to speed-read on a computer, or to speed-read […]