Blame it on the Turkey?

When you think about Thanksgiving, your first thought is probably like most, images of food and families gathering together, and don’t forget about the large turkey as your dinner table centerpiece. I am sure for years you have also associated Thanksgiving with the thought of eating until you fall asleep. We have all experienced that […]

A Good Night’s Sleep is Food for the Brain

5 Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep Nearly everyone has trouble getting sufficient sleep from time to time, but when the problem persists day after day, it can potentially result in a lot of health problems. Apart from making you extremely tired and moody during the day, studies have proven that a lack of […]

Get some sleep! If you’re tired, so are your grades

Not getting enough sleep could be the number one thing that’s hurting your GPA. Simply put, if you study while you’re tired your retention rate will be down. I teach students and professionals my Guinness Record winning memory techniques all over the country and sleep deprivation is one thing I just can’t overcome. If the […]

9 Critical Reasons Why We Need to Sleep Smarter

Sleep is a restorative process, when we don’t get enough, toxins recycle and premature aging of the brain increases. Below are nine reasons to sleep smarter.   Insomnia and it’s toxic footprint leaves the body unable to repair damages. “Sleep reduction is associated with weight gain,(11) because hunger cues are thrown off. Sleep disorders are a […]

Dealing with Stress, Phobias & Sleep Problems

Therapists have for years been charging $100’s for simple techniques in how to deal with stress. These techniques, despite being simple and easy, are extremely effective and should be freely available to everyone. To deal with stress and anxiety you need to understand what happens inside your body when you get stressed. There is a […]

Teenagers, Sleep & Memory

Did you know early morning school start times can actually be damaging to a teen’s brain? It’s a well-known fact that teenagers like to sleep. They can easily sleep until noon and dread the early morning alarm clock that signals the start of the school day. But forcing teens to wake up too early for […]