Weight Loss…The Missing Pieces

With so any diets out there, it is interesting that obesity remains at an all-time high. Why do so many people find it difficult to lose weight? The answer may lie in the fact that weight loss is not just about diet. There are many things that can affect our weight, for example lack of […]

Five Simple Strategies to Beat Winter Blues

Depression impacts the lives of 10-25% of the adult population of the United States. Mood disorders like depression have a significant impact on virtually all aspects of well being and even increase risks of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Shockingly the World Health Authority declared that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of […]

Blame it on the Turkey?

When you think about Thanksgiving, your first thought is probably like most, images of food and families gathering together, and don’t forget about the large turkey as your dinner table centerpiece. I am sure for years you have also associated Thanksgiving with the thought of eating until you fall asleep. We have all experienced that […]

Brains Behind It- Obi Anachebe- FitGenie

ABOUT OBI ANACHEBE: Co-founder, FitGenie. An app that uses a database of 5 million+ foods and the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide curated nutrition plans that evolve with you. Obi is a self-starter with a passion for diversifying his knowledge and skills. He lives to positively impact whoever he can through nutrition, mentorship, and […]

Brains Behind It- Nick Borja – Nosha

ABOUT NICK BORJA: FOUNDER & CEO, NOSHA As the son of a doctor and a nurse, Nick grew up keenly aware of how many of us live gripped by chronic disease. After studies in the humanities at Williams College, he embarked on a career in medicine. Nick was eager to make a difference in patients’ […]

Ready for the Best-Kept Secret in Nutrition?

It’s Phytochemicals! I was at the lab early to set up a new experiment. I started by adding the drug Paclitaxel to a plate of rapidly dividing pancreatic cancer cells. I was hoping to understand how gene mutations lead to chemotherapy resistance. When I checked on the cells a few hours later, it looked like […]