The Psychology Behind Burnout and Strategies to Beat It!

Highly-motivated people have a strong tendency to push themselves to the point of burnout. It seems almost inevitable in this day and age of high-expectations and multiple roles. But it can be avoided if you know what to look for. And if you’re suffering from fatigue and lack of motivation, there are concrete strategies to […]

4 Steps to Get Moving, Get Mindful, and Lift Your Mood

 Anxiety, anger, fearfulness, depression got you down? Then get up. Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) uses the freeing energy of movement and the healing power of self-awareness. You don’t actually have to run to do it. Mindfulness doubles its power when we’re also physically covering distance: as we move, we can see how far we’ve come. […]

How to Improve Our Mind Part 1

The Long Search for Balance The mind decides what we eat, how we live and if we exercise. The mind determines sickness and/or wellness. The mind and the brain are intimately connected. Our brain is an insulin sensitive organ. A poor diet, we’re told, wears out insulin receptors, shortens telomeres, changes moods, shrinks brain size, […]