The Name Game- Memory Tips & Tricks

Anyone can recall that awkward moment, when you are scrambling to recall the person’s name that you met at a business meeting with a few days ago, or even avoiding the mutual friend you were just introduced to because you can’t remember their name. Nothing is worse than having to ask someone, “What was their […]

Study Smarter by Knowing Your Memory Mode

Do you Know your Memory Mode? Students are always looking for new and better ways to increase their test scores. I’ve discovered that the answer to this is understanding the Memory Mode and how the brain triggers long term memory. When I teach my Memory Workshops we start by comparing Memory Modes to Learning Styles […]

What’s Your Name Again?

Throughout your life you meet a lot of people for the first time. If you’re like the average person, you’ll have a hard time remembering everyone’s name. This is especially true for college students, but once you leave college and embark on your career, again, you’ll be meeting a whole new set of people. In […]

Brain Hack: Spelling

Master spellers have various tricks to learn the spelling of words.  Simple mnemonics have included things like remembering the best use of “then vs than” and “there vs they’re.” The rhyme “I before E except after C, or in sounding like “ay” is in ‘neighbor’ or ‘weigh’ ” is ingrained in every student’s mind from a young age. […]

Study Hack: Raise Intensity & Burst Focus

  Many students study with a TV or radio on in the background claiming it helps them focus. In a way this is true because the brain is not receiving enough stimulation from studying alone. Listening to music (especially classical) can occupy the left side of the brain while the right side of the brain does the analytical […]

Could Controlled Panic Help you Study Better?

The answer is yes, controlled panic does help you study better.  We call it Focus Bursts™ and it only works when you both raise the Intensity AND study in Short Bursts. It’s the combination of the two that’s going to get you the memory and retention results studying work for you. It’s like in the […]