Study Hack: Raise Intensity & Burst Focus

  Many students study with a TV or radio on in the background claiming it helps them focus. In a way this is true because the brain is not receiving enough stimulation from studying alone. Listening to music (especially classical) can occupy the left side of the brain while the right side of the brain does the analytical […]

Never Leave the Playground

‘Never Leave the Playground’ is a memory-based philosophy on life and fitness. To explain this theory I am going to profile an amazing man Stephen Jepson (age 72.) Although he is in his seventies, Jepson’s mind is getting sharper every day. He is living proof that the brain craves stimulation at every stage of life. His wife said “I’m […]

Top 4 Brain Foods

Did you know your diet can actually make you smarter?  That’s right!  Brain function is very dependent on the food you eat.  A brain cannot work with out energy and what you put in your body affects what your mind puts out. Check out the top 4 brain foods: 1.   BEETS Memory problems are […]

Unexpected Hacks to Improve Memory

Little things make a big difference.  Here are 4 little changes you can make throughout your day to improve your memory, score better on tests, and remember where you put your darn keys! 1.   BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH THE OTHER HAND Brushing your teeth with the wrong hand increases connections across the brain, improves gross motor […]

Brain Hack: Memory

Memorizing Large Amounts of Information People often ask me how to memorize large amounts of information. Here is the key: Treat your brain like a computer.  If you store information in a systematic way, it is easier for retrieval later. Just think…if your computer desktop was filled with files, (word documents, photos, apps, spreadsheets, etc.) it […]