Brains Behind the Best & Worst Marketing Campaigns of 2018

What we can learn from these marketing genius’ & marketing mishaps Companies work hard to differentiate themselves, to make their brands and products more visible than the rest and stand out among the competition. It’s safe to say that because of social media, almost anyone can market themselves or their brand a lot easier than […]

National Entrepreneurs Day- Taking a Deeper Look into the Brain of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the foundation of our country and society. Unfortunately for the first time in a while, there are fewer businesses starting than are dying. We want to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed, so in honor of National Entrepreneurs Day on November 20th, we have decided to take a deeper look into the hard wiring of […]

Success Stories & Publicity Stunts

The use of publicity stunts by companies may be risky but when used correctly they can be very rewarding. While looking at cases of publicity stunts being performed in the past, there are many occasions where the outcomes of the stunts help the company tremendously and other’s that were not so lucky. When pursuing a […]