How Stress Can Affect Gut Health and Bring On Autoimmune Diseases

The immune system is a complex defense structure. Research has come a long way in understanding many of the mysteries surrounding autoimmunity and the 100-plus diseases that fall under its umbrella. However, there are still plenty of questions that remain. Over 50 million people in the United States are estimated to have an autoimmune disease, […]

Brains Behind It- Nick Borja – Nosha

ABOUT NICK BORJA: FOUNDER & CEO, NOSHA As the son of a doctor and a nurse, Nick grew up keenly aware of how many of us live gripped by chronic disease. After studies in the humanities at Williams College, he embarked on a career in medicine. Nick was eager to make a difference in patients’ […]

Brains Behind It- Cherian Thomas- Spotluck

ABOUT CHERIAN THOMAS: CO-FOUNDER & CEO, SPOTLUCK INC. Cherian took Spotluck from a Master’s capstone to the #1 “dining” app on the iTunes App Store. Spotluck brings dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry, pioneering dynamic discounts that fluctuate based on day, time, and weather. Spotluck’s gamified spin on “deciding where to eat” makes the app […]

Brains Behind It- Krik Angacian-‎ProFormance Foods

ABOUT KRIK ANGACIAN: CO-FOUNDER & CEO, PROFORMANCE FOODS d.b.a. PROTES PROTEIN SNACKS A former banker, Angacian trotted along a traditional path, graduating college and nabbing a job in mergers and acquisition before he realized…he was miserable. A life-long fitness junkie, Angacian decided to take a serious dive of faith, so he quit his job and […]

Brains Behind It- Eric Ellestad- Local Roots Farm

ABOUT ERIC ELLESTAD: Through his focus on technology based solutions to global challenges and his passion for impact driven businesses, Eric launched Local Roots in 2013 to develop and build a truly scalable indoor farming company.   “At Local Roots, we design, build and operate the world’s most productive indoor farming solutions. We […]

6 Eating Tips and Lifestyle Habits to Help Keep Anxiety Levels Away

Anxiety and depression are unfortunately on the rise, not only in adults but children and teens as well. Scientists are now beginning to recognize how important the correlation of food and brain function are. Certain medication may help keep anxiety under control, however many want to find more natural ways to deal with anxiety. Incorporate […]