Brains Behind It- Obi Anachebe- FitGenie

ABOUT OBI ANACHEBE: Co-founder, FitGenie. An app that uses a database of 5 million+ foods and the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide curated nutrition plans that evolve with you. Obi is a self-starter with a passion for diversifying his knowledge and skills. He lives to positively impact whoever he can through nutrition, mentorship, and […]

Brains Behind It- Wolf & Shepherd

  ABOUT JUSTIN SCHNEIDER: Justin Schneider is the founder and originator of the concept for our shoes. As a track and field athlete for Notre Dame, Justin became familiar with high performance footwear. Upon graduation, he began working for Adidas, designing shoes for athletes utilizing the latest performance technology. During this time, Justin had a […]

“Entertrainment” & Why Such Training Won’t Help You

“Entertrainment” and Why Such Training Won’t Help You “Entertrainment” is a fast-growing fitness trend that engages things like group exercises, dance, disco, and other unique activities to get people to exercise. (NOTE: If “entertrainment” gets someone who is sedentary up and moving because they find the activity fun, then that is great. I’m all for encouraging […]