Brains Behind It- Nathan Coleman – Elephant Pants

ABOUT POORVI PATODIA: CEO, The Elephant Pants. Nathan is a true animal lover, and has built a wonderful niche e-commerce company with the mission of helping elephants. I grew up in Westchester County, which is right outside New York City. I am 29 years old. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated in 2009. […]

Brains Behind It Episode 37- Jake Danehy Fair Harbor Clothing

ABOUT JAKE DANEHY :  CEO & Founder at Fair Harbor Clothing Sibling duo Jake and Caroline Danehy grew up in Westchester, NY about an hour away from Fair Harbor, Fire Island. While visiting there frequently, they started to notice more and more plastic waste on the island and just had to do something about it. […]

Brains Behind It- Kabeer Chopra- Burrow

  ABOUT KABEER CHOPRA: Kabeer is passionate about the intersection of retail and technology. He co-founded Burrow, an in-store mobile experience platform and has also launched e-commerce and mobile applications for several start-ups. More recently, he managed global retail analytics for Michael Kors and played a pivotal role in their digital innovation team.   […]

Brains Behind It- Sim Gulati- Dropel Fabrics

  ABOUT SIM GULATI: CEO Sim Gulati and co-founder Bradley Feinstein started this company based on the premise that everyone has gotten stains on their clothing at some point in time. Dropel Fabrics is a New York based company that develops performance-based natural, cotton fibers through material science and process technology. DropelTech Cotton is a […]

Brains Behind It- Spencer Antle- Island Company

  ABOUT SPENCER ANTLE: In 2002, Spencer Antle, Island Company’s Founder and Creative Director, was about to embark on a Caribbean trip with his then-girlfriend. Unable to find a bikini for her that either liked, Spencer decided to make a few bikinis and see if they could sell them. Neither had any fashion experience at […]