What Thoughts Are Holding You Back? Learn How To Minimize Their Effect

When you step into the world are you on auto-pilot, do you have purpose or are you intentional? Do you think I Should do this or that? People Should listen to me? Always right? Jump to Conclusions? Mind reader? Take things personal? Only look what’s wrong with things? Think black or white? All or nothing? […]

Sexual Trauma & The Effects on the Brain

As someone who has been called to a life-long mission of trying to help anyone affected by sexual violence, I have seen a glimpse of the evil and the devastating effects on humanity. I do not believe we have adequate language to truly describe the deep suffering that so many women, men and children experience […]

Positivity starts with YOU!

There is a lot to be said about the connection between our mental and physical health. The way we think influences what we think about and if it is positive or negative. For example, if I continually think that my day is going to be awful, it most likely is because I have already convinced […]

Too much of everything, not enough nothing!

Our minds are over-stimulated by the wrong things. Our lives are crying out for grounding and simplification. We need to add more “nothing to our lives.” I see around me the constant evidence of how we now apply the action movie standards to our lives. We are accustomed to constant stimulation: TV, Internet, video games, […]

4 Steps to Get Moving, Get Mindful, and Lift Your Mood

 Anxiety, anger, fearfulness, depression got you down? Then get up. Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) uses the freeing energy of movement and the healing power of self-awareness. You don’t actually have to run to do it. Mindfulness doubles its power when we’re also physically covering distance: as we move, we can see how far we’ve come. […]

Find the Funny in the Mundane

My best life hack involves transforming common moments, which can typically be anxiety-causing. This often happens in public, particularly while doing errands or encountering customer service in some form. Last week, my husband and I were having lunch in downtown Chicago at noon. I was amazed at how fast our food arrived and it appeared […]