The Negative Effects of Cramming: A No-Brainer

You’ve probably used this study method at some point in your education, I know I did. Procrastinating your work until the very last minute and then covering all of it in one very long study session. Let’s not forget the ten cups of coffee, bad eating habits, and loss of sleep that come with it. […]

‘Learning Skills’ beats ‘Good Grade Pills’

An alarming – and increasing – number of students are resorting to drugs to get better grades according to . Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, intended for people with ADHD and similar ailments that makes focus and learning difficult are now being hawked on college campuses as ‘good grade pills.” In my opinion, this is […]

Do you suffer from Backpack Brain?

Did you know carrying too much weight in your backpack is actually hazardous to brain health? In addition to well-known warnings about the dangers to the spine, lower back and posture from carrying heavy backpacks to school, Bob Prichard of the Somax Institute, is warning parents about another potential danger–reducing the amount of oxygen going […]

Study Smarter by Knowing Your Memory Mode

Do you Know your Memory Mode? Students are always looking for new and better ways to increase their test scores. I’ve discovered that the answer to this is understanding the Memory Mode and how the brain triggers long term memory. When I teach my Memory Workshops we start by comparing Memory Modes to Learning Styles […]

Brains Behind It- Grubbly Farms

  ABOUT SEAN WARNER & PATRICK PITTALUGA: Sean Warner – Cofounder & CEO – Sean graduated from Georgia Tech in May of 2015 with a degree in building construction. After finishing college, he immediately went to working full time on Grubbly Farms. Sean has utilized his background in construction and facility design to build out […]

Brains Behind It- Leah O’Brien-Amico

  ABOUT LEAH O’BRIEN-AMICO: 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist with USA Softball 2-Time World Champion 3-Time National Champion at University of Arizona 3-Time 1st Team All-American 3-Time 1st Team Academic All-American Analyst for College Softball with ESPN Radio Analyst for College Softball Finals with Westwood One Keynote Speaker