Brains Behind It-Jeanne Beard – Founder of National Autism Academy

ABOUT JEANNE BEARD: Jeanne Beard is a thought leader in the autism arena. The founder of the National Autism Academy, a speaker, coach, consultant, author of “Autism & The Rest of Us: How to Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person on the Autism Spectrum”, and ghostwriter for “Finding the Gray, Thriving […]

Post-Holiday Wellness Tips for the Busy Worker Bee

Come this time of the year, everyone’s a bit stressed — nobody can argue that. But if there was ever a good time to take a break from the grind, it’s the holidays. Even though you may still be tempted to get work done in between holiday parties, it’s hard to move any project forward during this time. […]

Brains Behind It- Billy Arcement

> ABOUT BILLY ARCEMENT: Billy Arcement, M.Ed., is a professional speaker, consultant, performance coach and founder of The Results Group. He has presented to audiences in Beijing, Hong Kong and throughout the United States. He brings audiences a wealth of knowledge on personal and organizational leadership, quality systems, strategic planning and school board service. He […]