How To Improve Our Mind Part 3

A  Powerful DIY ‘Try at Home Plan’ When my father passed away, I finally sat down and read_ Dr. Hal Huggins book, ‘It’s All In Your Head.’ So I decided taking the metal out of my teeth would be the first step towards preventing Alzheimer’s from taking up residence in my brain. This process took […]

How to Improve Our Mind Part 2

An Understanding of Lifestyle Events That Steal Our Mind The presence of heavy metals in the brain, including copper and mercury, are a constant source of stress, accelerates aging, impairs communication, shows outward signs of behavior changes, damages adrenals, increases depression and can eventually progress into Alzheimer’s.(19) What’s scarier is the ‘neurotoxin aluminum’ that is […]

How to Improve Our Mind Part 1

The Long Search for Balance The mind decides what we eat, how we live and if we exercise. The mind determines sickness and/or wellness. The mind and the brain are intimately connected. Our brain is an insulin sensitive organ. A poor diet, we’re told, wears out insulin receptors, shortens telomeres, changes moods, shrinks brain size, […]

9 Critical Reasons Why We Need to Sleep Smarter

Sleep is a restorative process, when we don’t get enough, toxins recycle and premature aging of the brain increases. Below are nine reasons to sleep smarter.   Insomnia and it’s toxic footprint leaves the body unable to repair damages. “Sleep reduction is associated with weight gain,(11) because hunger cues are thrown off. Sleep disorders are a […]