What Thoughts Are Holding You Back? Learn How To Minimize Their Effect

When you step into the world are you on auto-pilot, do you have purpose or are you intentional? Do you think I Should do this or that? People Should listen to me? Always right? Jump to Conclusions? Mind reader? Take things personal? Only look what’s wrong with things? Think black or white? All or nothing? […]

False Memory and the Mandela Effect

As we grow older, many people want to believe that the memories they gained throughout their life are true and accurate. Have you ever been convinced of an idea or belief 100 percent just to find out what you believed is completely inaccurate or false? When looking at events in history and claiming to have […]

Brains Behind It- Sharkie Zartman – Author, “#HeySportsParents”

ABOUT SHARKIE ZARTMAN: Sharkie Zartman is a professor of health and fitness.  She teaches Classes in health and power yoga. She is also the host of Sharkie’s PEP Talk on Healthy Life Radio  and a Holistic Health Coach. She is the author of nine books.  Her best selling Youth Volleyball book was ranked as a number one best seller on […]

Why are we, and our brains, so infatuated with ASMR?

ASMR, or more scientifically known as, Autonomous Sensory Meridan Response has seemingly become all the rage within the past year, and with the endless amounts of websites and social media outlets that exist in today’s modern technological world, including sites like, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, it has become increasingly more difficult to escape viewing these […]

Brains Behind It- Sarah Blum – Author, “Women Under Fire”

ABOUT SARAH BLUM: Sarah L. Blum, is a decorated nurse Vietnam veteran who earned the Army Commendation Medal serving as an operating room nurse at the 12th Evacuation Hospital Cu Chi, Vietnam during the height of the fighting in 1967. Sarah was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for exemplary service as head nurse of the orthopedic […]