Update Your Relationship Wiring

Why do so many of us have such a hard time in love?  What’s getting in the way of having the relationships we really want?  While our individual circumstances may be unique, the underlying issue for many of us is the same.  At the core of our relationship struggles, outside of our awareness, is fear.  […]

How Tom Brady Uses a Brain Training App to Win

Tom Brady has done it again. In his 18 years in the NFL, he has led the Patriots to nine Super Bowls, and now has won six. More than any other player. And, at an older age. Like most sports, football is a game of decision-based movements — with continuous demands for the right decision […]

Turn It Off, and Find Calm

As our brains receive information, neural pathways are created, a vast storehouse of connections that with use, become stronger and more available to the efficiency-driven brain. When more negative than positive information and experiences consume our reality, the brain—in its automatic, efficient way—connects to more negative pathways, however old they may be. We can feel […]

Looking for a Reason Why We Fear Clowns? This Is “IT”.

Coulrophobia: A Common Recipe for disaster Around Halloween. It’s safe to say many people have a fear of clowns. Whether it’s a full-blown phobia or just a spooky feeling, clowns can be down right scary! Logically, a clown is simply a person wearing makeup and silly clothes, so why do these goofs give just about […]

10 Amazing Facts About the Human Brain!

  1. Being dehydrated by just 2% impairs your attention, memory and cognitive skills. Thinking fuzzy? Drink some water! It sounds too simple to work, but research shows time and again just how important hydration is to our health both body and mind. (Source)   2. A speck of brain tissue no larger than a […]