Overindulge with these 10 brain hacks to promote mental and physical wellness!

It’s National Splurge Day! Splurge, (defined by Merriam-Webster.com): to indulge oneself extravagantly. Most people think of expensive meals and material things when indulgence is brought up, but we are here to share with you some amazing hacks from top industry professionals to promote physical and mental well being!   1. Brain Hack: Talk Therapy This […]

What Thoughts Are Holding You Back? Learn How To Minimize Their Effect

When you step into the world are you on auto-pilot, do you have purpose or are you intentional? Do you think I Should do this or that? People Should listen to me? Always right? Jump to Conclusions? Mind reader? Take things personal? Only look what’s wrong with things? Think black or white? All or nothing? […]

False Memory and the Mandela Effect

As we grow older, many people want to believe that the memories they gained throughout their life are true and accurate. Have you ever been convinced of an idea or belief 100 percent just to find out what you believed is completely inaccurate or false? When looking at events in history and claiming to have […]

Small Tips & Hacks for Eating, Not Overindulging, at Any Party

Socially, a party or event can be so much fun. You dress up, make small talk, and enjoy the surrounding people all while the appetizer trays keep mysteriously crossing your path. It never fails, no matter how much effort you put into the gym or into selecting the right foods for the week, a party […]

Update Your Relationship Wiring

Why do so many of us have such a hard time in love?  What’s getting in the way of having the relationships we really want?  While our individual circumstances may be unique, the underlying issue for many of us is the same.  At the core of our relationship struggles, outside of our awareness, is fear.  […]

Offstage Struggle: The Shocking Link Between Comedy & Mental Health

The art of Comedy has been around for decades and provides happiness to listeners all across the world. Whether it is stand-up, through movies or television, or even today’s growing trend of podcasts, comedy is a way to relieve the stressors of everyday life and lighten up our personal troubles while enhancing interpersonal relationships. Comedy […]