Deliver Better PresenHACKtions

Have more confidence when speaking! Report to give at monthly meeting? HELP! Introducing guest speaker? YIKES! Wedding toast is up to you? UGH…Difficult conversation tomorrow? Sound familiar? Breathe, with these helpful hacks. For visual learners, seeing the words is beneficial. Whatever works, works: Outline Essay Mind map POST-IT Main points on POST-ITs Arrange notes on […]

Find the Funny in the Mundane

My best life hack involves transforming common moments, which can typically be anxiety-causing. This often happens in public, particularly while doing errands or encountering customer service in some form. Last week, my husband and I were having lunch in downtown Chicago at noon. I was amazed at how fast our food arrived and it appeared […]


Visiting tips with elderly friends and family members. Jeff and I have four parents, living in four different residences. His parents are 89 years old; mine are 93. Grandma lives a high-quality, independent life.  Our dads deal with Alzheimer’s or Lewy Body Dementia. My mom’s diagnosis read: “Failure to thrive; prognosis: Poor.” One year later, […]