Brains Behind It- Obi Anachebe- FitGenie

ABOUT OBI ANACHEBE: Co-founder, FitGenie. An app that uses a database of 5 million+ foods and the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide curated nutrition plans that evolve with you. Obi is a self-starter with a passion for diversifying his knowledge and skills. He lives to positively impact whoever he can through nutrition, mentorship, and […]

Brains Behind It- Beatrice Fischel-Bock – Hutch

ABOUT BEATRICE FISCHEL-BOCK : CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, HUTCH After realizing the untapped potential of 3D interior design, Fischel-Bock started Hutch (then ZOOM Interiors and Homee) during her senior year at George Washington University. The app and website — which allow users to upload photos of their rooms, virtually redecorate and purchase pieces to make the […]

Brains Behind It- Lin Dai-Hooch

ABOUT LIN DAI: CO-FOUNDER & CEO, HOOCH Hooch, an awesome new mobile startup is the first membership cocktail App, where members receive One Drink Every Day at 400+ top bars and restaurants around the world, including NY, LA, Miami, Hong Kong, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, SF and more. Members pay a low monthly fee of […]