Brain Hacks Brought to you by the Minds of Women:

Throughout Women’s History Month, we picked the brains of influential and inspiring female authors, entrepreneurs and editors from across the globe, in order to give you inside access to their unique brain hacks for creative and emotional success. These women have come to offer up some of the most effective brain hacks and tips they […]

Post-Holiday Wellness Tips for the Busy Worker Bee

Come this time of the year, everyone’s a bit stressed — nobody can argue that. But if there was ever a good time to take a break from the grind, it’s the holidays. Even though you may still be tempted to get work done in between holiday parties, it’s hard to move any project forward during this time. […]

Things You Should Do Early in 2019 for Your Best Year Ever

This 2019 can be the best year yet without making crazy unrealistic declarations to lose fifteen pounds, buy a Porsche, or find your soulmate.  Instead, this is your year to transform your life from the inside out and it doesn’t require money, relocation, or relationship confrontations.  The process is a practice transforming how you act, […]