Ten Common Signs of ADHD in Children

Commonly perceived as a disorder that affects only hyperactive children, ADHD can be difficult to diagnose. Many children go their entire lives without receiving an official ADHD diagnosis because they appeared to be extremely intelligent, or someone failed to recognize the child was experiencing its symptoms. Regardless of the reason the child did not receive […]

14 Hacks to Help with Adult ADHD

ADHD is hard to deal with when you are a kid, but having ADHD as an adult can be even more difficult. Here are some brain-based tips to help you manage your time and attention so that you can actually get things done! 1. Do a Power Hour of Activity (or if that’s too long […]

11 Celebrities with ADHD

ADHD and ADD can affect people from all walks of life. It is not a condition that discriminates based on age, race, or socioeconomic status.  In honor of ADHD Awareness Month, here are 11 celebrities who have not let ADHD prevent them from achieving success. 1. Justin Timberlake  “I have OCD mixed with ADD, you […]

‘Learning Skills’ beats ‘Good Grade Pills’

An alarming – and increasing – number of students are resorting to drugs to get better grades according to OnlineDegrees.org . Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, intended for people with ADHD and similar ailments that makes focus and learning difficult are now being hawked on college campuses as ‘good grade pills.” In my opinion, this is […]

Study Hack: Raise Intensity & Burst Focus

  Many students study with a TV or radio on in the background claiming it helps them focus. In a way this is true because the brain is not receiving enough stimulation from studying alone. Listening to music (especially classical) can occupy the left side of the brain while the right side of the brain does the analytical […]

How to Hack an ADHD Brain

ADHD individuals do not work well on non-self-selected tasks (they can, though, just like anybody else, spend hours doing what they truly like). How do you increase task engagement of a brain that is notoriously unable to focus on what is important? Individuals with self-regulation challenges like ADHD need clear and realistic goals. Sounds straightforward […]