For Better Study Focus… Get the Right Instructions

by Dave Farrow
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Today’s tip for better focus: Get the right instructions.

All of my fans and students tell me that speed memory is not important, but accuracy in memory is.  There is a secret I use every day to achieve tremendous focus in the brain.  This secret allowed me to break the toughest world record in memory because memory techniques alone were not enough. The school memory tournaments were designed to train students’ brains for better focus.
When I speak at schools across the country, I tell students and teachers this one simple tip that they can do to improve test scores.  That tip is to better define your assignments and tests.
When the brain is questioning a task, it is impossible to focus.  So when a student is sitting down to work on an assignment, very often it is late at night.  (Too often it’s too late at night, but that’s another story.)  When the student reads over the instructions they usually have questions, yet no one to ask for an answer.
At this point the student tries to focus and gets nothing accomplished.  This does not just happen once in a while – in a recent survey college students said this happened to them at least once a week!

If they just took a moment to take better notes on the homework or if the teacher posted their assignments to a Facebook page for reference then this situation would not happen. During some development training for teachers, they told me this one tip made a big difference for their below average students.
As a parent, help teach your students to plan ahead and to ask questions about their assignments while in class.  As a teacher, start creating an online record of your assignments.  You will see higher test scores and assignments will be turned in on time for a change. The challenge I had is similar to challenges students have today, handling standardized tests.  It is having control over your ability to focus.  Being born with strong ADHD and focus issues, I know the value of being able to pay attention.  Telling kids to put out more effort just does not work!  But teaching them how their brain focuses on information will transform a learner.
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Dave Farrow

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