The Sleep Circles Technique

by Dr. Bill Kalatsky
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Need help getting to sleep?  Try this brain hack:

Read the instructions once before beginning or have someone read them to you with your eyes closed. You will find them very easy to remember. If you have trouble visualizing, do the same steps just thinking about the steps and the visualizations will start on their own.
  1. Get as comfortable as you can in the position you prefer for sleeping.
  2. Close your eyes, take a relaxing breath and imagine a blackboard (or if you are a little bit more modern, a whiteboard or smart board).
  3. In your mind’s eye, imagine a piece of chalk and an eraser beside the blackboard. Pick up the chalk and draw a big circle on the left hand side of the board. Inside the circle write a large number 100.
  4. To the right of the circle on the outside write in script or cursive “Deep Sleep”. The word Sleep should be written underneath the word Deep, as follows:
  1. Put down the chalk and pick up the eraser that is next to it.
  2. Carefully and completely erase all of the letters in “Deep Sleep”. Every little bit. If you notice any little remnants, erase it.
  3. Go back inside the circle and fully erase the number 100 until it’s gone.
  4. Once you’ve erased everything but the circle, pick up the chalk and write the number 99 inside the circle.
  5. Outside of the circle, to the right, write in script or cursive “Deep Sleep”. Again, the word “Sleep” should be written under the word “Deep”.
  6. Repeat these steps, continuing to count backwards, following the same instructions for each number in the chalk circle. And welcome to dreamworld.
After sharing this technique with a countless number of people, 87 is the furthest in the countdown that anyone has reported. One explanation of how and why this technique works:
Visualization, along with specific focus, takes us from beta to alpha brainwaves. Alpha is the twilight state. It’s highly creative, yet when we keep it focused on one thing, it takes us to deeper brainwave states. Deep alpha comes as our visualization almost unknowingly slips us into deeper alpha, right on the edge of sleep. From there we move into the Theta brainwave state, and because we are staying in that deeper state, we slip right down the relaxing slope into delta (the deep sleep state).


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