Read with your eyes not your lips

by Dave Farrow
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When you’re in college, before the stress of having to pass mid-term and final exams, there’s the stress of having to read volumes of information seemingly equivalent to “War and Peace” and “Atlas Shrugged” combined – and that’s just for one class. And of course, if you want to pass the class, understanding what you’ve read isn’t a bad idea either.

Here is one exercise that will help eliminate a common bad reading habit and ultimately help double your reading speed AND increases your comprehension.

Stop moving your lips!

Many people – even people who are considered good readers – twitch their lips while reading. They do it subconsciously as they try to read faster but it actually slows them down because, well… you can only twitch so fast.
Do you lip twitch? I’ll bet you do! Want to find out? Here’s how…
Simply take a pen or pencil and place it between your nose and upper lip while you read as fast as you can for at least two pages to get a good read. Your lips will look like they are puckered up for a kiss and, yes, you will look a little goofy, so do this when no one else is watching – unless you like the attention.

I ask you to read for at least two pages because as you get into the material, your normal twitch will kick in and the pen/pencil will start to move. To eliminate the lip movement – because it’s only slowing you down – practice this way (with the pen or pencil) until you no longer move the pen/pencil. If you can eliminate the twitch, you’re well on your way to doubling or tripling your reading speed.
My Speed Reading Course is full of more practical application exercises that will have you reading and comprehending not just for better testing, but for a better life!


Dave Farrow

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