Brain Hacks for Productivity

by Kirstin O'Donovan
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Try these two Brain Hacks to Boost your Productivity

Do you want to achieve more in weeks than you can in months? How productive you are determines how quickly you will create the results you want and reach your goals. Here are 2 Brain Hacks to Boost your Productivity now.

1. Profit from Procrastination – What is missing?

Whether you are a chronic procrastinator or not, we all know what it feels like to procrastinate and kill your productivity. It’s not easy when you come up with so much resistance and you have no idea why; you just know that you don’t feel like doing whatever it is that you have to. The reason why so many people never tackle their procrastination is because they don’t understand what is happening.
The moment you feel resistance; stop and ask yourself; ‘What is missing in this moment, that if I had, would make it easier to take action on?” – Your mind will give you an answer. You could be missing/lacking resources, confidence, clarity, etc.
Then ask yourself; what do I need to change/do so that I am not going to be ‘missing/lacking’ this in the future? And make a plan to work on that. Often procrastination comes up to show us that something is missing, find what is missing and stop procrastinating.
Source: WSJ

2. Don’t Multi-task – The more focused you are – the better the results!

You might have thought the contrary; but studies now show that multi-tasking is inefficient. It also has a long term negative effect on your memory.
Before starting any task; get focused and clear on – What you are going to do and why; this reinforces the importance. Then remove all distractions and put all your mental energy into the task at hand. Give yourself a time limit to complete it and then move onto the next task.
Your ability to stay focused and get something done is all about your mental discipline. Focus on one task at a time and nothing else and you will actually get more done overall. You can even listen to scientifically optimized music to help you focus!
Source: Stanford News


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