Come this time of the year, everyone’s a bit stressed — nobody can argue that. But if there was ever a good time to take a break from the grind, it’s the holidays. Even though you may still be tempted to get work done in between holiday parties, it’s hard to move any project forward during this time. After all, the people you work with — your clients and colleagues — are busy enjoying time with their families. As such, the holidays represent a much needed but forced break from work. Of course, even if you give into rest and enjoyment, the holidays are but fleeting bliss. You have to accept when they’re over and eventually get back to work. The post-holiday blues can hit hard. It’s a bit disconcerting to let yourself enjoy a long-awaited holiday vacation, only to realize that you’ll be thrust back into your demanding work schedule when all is said and done.
Experts in career counseling and stress management warn that these post-holiday blues can lead to stress, sadness, and anxiety. In a recent Wyndham Vacation Rentals study, 45% of respondents expressed that the prospect of going home had added to the stress of their vacation! On a similar note, 57% feel depressed or deflated after coming home from vacation.

Sound familiar?

Whether you like it or not, the holidays won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll have to face any work you may have put off enjoying them (and the work that piles up after you’ve stepped away from the office). The difference between sinking into post-holiday blues or hitting the ground running upon your return depends on how well you handle the transition back to work. It certainly helps to create strategies to proactively put your wellness first:

Refocus Your Personal Habits

In order to get your work back on track after a holiday break, you must refocus your personal habits.

Develop specific routines to help you regain the right mindset to do great work, such as:
Here are a few additional techniques to help you get back into your work groove after the holidays:

Pay Attention to Proper Nutrition

Nutrition plays an undeniably large role in regaining focus and improving energy levels.
After all the holiday indulgences you’ve likely taken part in, going back to work represents the perfect opportunity to get back on track with proper nutrition (right on time for New Year’s resolutions!). As a result, proper nutrition provides the ideal fuel for better work performance.
The following strategies can help you to get back on track after holiday indulgences:

Make Time For Fitness — and Stick To It

Besides its implications for your overall health, one of the many benefits of fitness is improving work productivity.
Proper fitness helps:
Of course, the work and health benefits achieved by exercise aren’t fully realized unless you stick with it. The coming of a new year prompts many to make resolutions for better health, but a large proportion of people who take up a new physical activity drop out again within the first 3 months. It’s important to create goals and accountability in order to maintain motivation.


Final Thoughts

You may already be well aware of these wellness tips — but are you putting them into action? There’s no time like the present to put your wellness first!

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