Positivity starts with YOU!

by Steve Matthew
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There is a lot to be said about the connection between our mental and physical health. The way we think influences what we think about and if it is positive or negative. For example, if I continually think that my day is going to be awful, it most likely is because I have already convinced myself that it is miserable without going through the day. A lot of what people do is they constantly think of the negatives to situations rather than the positives. Negatives are a part of life but the way we think can truly influence how we feel and perceive other things. Constantly thinking negatively can affect both your mental and physical health. If all we think is negative, how can we expect anything to be positive?

Positive Thinking

Thinking positively does not mean that your life is completely free of bad times and emotional problems. Thinking positively effects how you actually think about the problems and come up with solutions. People with strong mental health and a positive outlook usually bounce back from bad times and emotional problems fairly quickly. Having a positive outlook is just part of having strong mental health. Imagine looking at everything in the world with such positivity, wonder, and awe. Some of the worst daily situations can be endured because of the way we think about them. For example, if one cold day my car would not start, I could think super negatively about the situation and let it ruin my day. Instead of thinking negatively, I think positively and try to come up with a positive solution to the problem even though the situation is not ideal. There are so many other things and interactions that could happen to me, so allowing the fact that my car would not start to ruin my whole day is not helpful or productive. Those with positive outlooks understand that life is not always sunshine and rainbows, so having the endurance to get through tough times is crucial.

It Starts with YOU!

The only way your life is going to improve in the way you want is if you take action! Sitting there and finding reasons to doubt and feel bad about ourselves is one way that negative thoughts can take over our lives. It starts with recognizing that thinking negatively is a current problem and working with yourself to think more positively.



Steve Matthew

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