One Tune at a Time: Music Meets Productivity

by Lucía Inés Da Pieve
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As a music therapist and writer, I wouldn´t miss the great chance to share my personal experience with music (this time with songs) which helps me fulfill the tasks of my working routine.

A lot has been said about music. And even though there are some general truths about it, the effects of music and sounds may differ highly from one individual to another. And there´s no such thing as a musical prescription for everyone.

However, here are 7 interesting brain hacks. Hope they´re music to your ears too:

Set the morning tone with a vibrant song

A really good song can define your whole attitude for your upcoming day. It is a short, doable and positive habit to acquire. It also may be the beginning of a chain of morning positive habits. But that depends on your time management! My personal recommendation is Song + Tao passages, which are extremely deep yet brief.

Trick your brain with clubby songs before you start working

Whenever I had to sit down and do a great deal of paperwork, I discovered that choosing the same catchy song that could totally be danced at the club did wonders. Nowadays, it is my routine to play that song before I sit down for hours and tackle a lot of desk tasks.

Give yourself a 3-minute break – with a song!

Did you know that the average length of a song is 3 minutes? With this information, you can make sure your breaks don´t overextend. Also, keep in mind that your attention span as an adult is getting shorter and shorter. If possible, take the necessary breaks. Your brain will appreciate it. (And your ears, too.)

When feeling under pressure, go back to your teenage days with music

Teenage days are gone, right? But bringing them back to your mind with your favorite songs is just amazing. The songs that we cherish and remember the most are definitely those. Automatically, you will be thinking about the good old times, which is an important stress reliever when times are rough in the present moment.

Find out your productivity genre!

Pay attention to which music genre suits you best while working. I don´t use the same genre to focus on if I´m studying, decluttering, or writing. For example, instrumental music works best for me when I have to memorize something because lyrics somehow distract me. Your favorite (and sung) radio hits maybe a little off-putting for focusing because if you get too passionate, you will start singing. I suggest you should listen to a new album to avoid distractions and keep you focused all the time with its unpredictability.

Adjust the music to your mood  – not vice-versa

We are all interested in productivity, right? But we mustn´t forget that we are humans and not robots. If you are in a bad mood, don´t feel guilty because you feel you´re being unproductive. It is important to let both pleasant and unpleasant feelings out. If you feel blue, find a song that suits that to have your emotional moment and then move on. Don´t fall into sadness or apathy either but let it be. Don´t deny it.

Increase self-confidence with empowering songs

There is always THAT song (or many) which makes us feel empowered. Feeling in control and at the same time full of energy is key to be productive so, whenever you need a confidence boost, a powerful tune can give it to you. My favorite ones are definitely movie soundtracks.

How do you use music in your daily routine?

Comment your musical brain hacks below!

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